Why Work With Me?

If you are here, face it, you need help with the technical part of your business.

Fortunately, that’s exactly my specialty and I would love to help and see you become successful in following your passion.

I know both the challenges and rewards of working in healthcare, being a business owner, navigating tech and taking care of a family.

I have traveled extensively and some of my work experience include working with: a software development company in South Africa, a tech startup in London, UK, one of the top healthcare affiliates in the San Francisco Bay Area and visionary companies like NursePreneurs.

Technology can be confusing and scary.

Allow me to walk by your side and support you in your business by creating workflows that are more efficient, systems that are easier and faster, and a business that will grow and become more profitable so you can focus on what really matters to you.

Packages & Services

Systems Setup and Organization Packages

Improve business efficiency and  streamline your business workflow with automations and general organization tools

Email Marketing Using ActiveCampaign

Increase revenue through the integration of powerful and complex lead magnet funnels for nonstop leads

Happy Nurse Testimonials

The biggest struggle in my consultancy was to constantly offer my contact details to potential clients, then check my emails to respond and finally to follow up – leave alone scheduling an appointment manually. All this led to a lot of time wasted and delays due to other priorities and ultimately resulted in loss of clients.

Juanita has transformed my business by creating systems that will enable me to concentrate on other important tasks by automating the basics.

This has given me more time to work on strategies to grow my business as well as engage my potential clients – even when I am asleep!

I would highly recommend her!

Irene Ogongo [Msc.Hsm , BscN, RN]

Founder, Lead Mentor Nurses In Africa

Starting a new medical clinic has so many moving parts and, I have to admit, technology is not my favorite part.

As a nurse practitioner, my number one focus and priority is my patients and providing them with the best clinical care. I do not have time to research and set up new technological systems and was unfortunately spending money on systems and funnels that was not working. I was frustrated, was losing money and was not sure how to move forward with the technical aspects in my business.

Juanita is my calm in the technical storm. She has helped me with the process of implementing the best systems in my business to save money and time. Most recently, she incorporated different automations to improve and simplify my business workflow, and helped with a sales funnel to drive leads into my business.

The new systems has made my life, and business, so much easier and has minimized frustration and concerns. Juanita is also a nurse, which saved time not having to explain all the healthcare concepts.

Juanita is always happy to help and I really appreciate her continued work and support. I can now spend more time with patients and doing what I love. Thank you Juanita!”

I don’t know if this happens to you, but I am not very good at Tech. And it’s been a big hurdle for me to get through to try to figure out how to get software programs that will be applicable to my business and help me and learning how to operate them. Then I met Juanita, a tech guru who has been helping me so much. I have since been able to produce email marketing, data analysis, and get the website sales running smoothly. She’s priceless.

So if you’re having trouble with technical stuff, she is a nurse, so she understands what you need from that perspective. I highly recommend her to anybody who is trying to get a business going and is finding the same problems with technical difficulties and advice from somebody who understands the industry.

“One of the major pains of being a nurse in business with no formal marketing training is a challenge and trying to figure it all out alone can be daunting! All I kept hearing about is what a game changer automation is and boy is it ever!

Juanita is not only a nurse but she is a tech savvy nurse! She’s organized, accommodating, knowledgeable and patient! After just 2 zoom sessions, she was able to guide me to getting my email marketing campaign set up!

Not to mention any questions that I had as a follow-up she was available to answer and provided me with links with tutorials to help put the finishing touches on my campaign. Email marketing can be a lot to figure out but with Juanita I didn’t have to figure it out on my own!”

Mercedes Thomas, APRN, CPNP, CLC 

Founder & CEO, Advanced Practice Wellness

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